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[Video 4 of 4] Why You Need Career Positioning – and Your Best Entertainment Business Career Tools

[Video 4 of 4] Why You Need Career Positioning – and Your Best Entertainment Business Career Tools

Hi and welcome! This is our last video of December, full of high value tips and secrets from me- be sure to sign up for the Entertainment Business School: OUR DOORS CLOSE DECEMBER 22nd!!



Hi everyone! I’m Kaia Alexander, and in this 4th video of 4 during the month of December 2021 leading up to the next Entertainment Business School class, I’m opening the kimono for above-the-line creatives: writers, directors, producers- and today is no different!


Quick recap in case you missed video 1 or 2 or 3 here are those links:


Watch Video 1 Why You Should Learn About Business if you’re a creative Here


Watch Video 2 My Game-Changing Secret for Above-The-Line Creatives Here


Watch Video 3 Your Questions Answered (and Why Never to Ski Like Me)


About me- why should you listen to me?

I’m the founder of the Entertainment Business School. I was a dev exec on some big movies like JUST FRIENDS, PEACEFUL WARRIOR, THE GOOD NIGHT. These were movies with actors like Ryan Reynolds, Nick Nolte, Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz, Danny Devito. I worked for and was mentored by Garry Shandling.

And I’m also an award-winning Harper Collins novelist with my historical novel Written in the Ashes.


In video 1, I talked all about the importance of learning the business side of the entertainment business if you’re an above-the-line creative, and I provided some suggestions about where to get that training, courses to take, books to read on how to build your core skills and overcome any doubts you have about business being boring or downright awful. So you get to make more money doing what you love to do most!


In video 2 I taught you my game-changing secret, which is a total mindset, paradigm shift as to how you should think about and do business. It’s networking 2.0 for the 21st century.


In video 3, I answered some of your burning questions about the industry and your career aspirations. And I talked about Garry Shandling’s estimation of what made a pro. Thanks for writing in!


Here in video 4, I’m going to talk about career positioning.


You’ll need to watch the video at the top of this post to learn about my analogy from surfing and why positioning is what matters to catch the wave whether out there on the water or the career wave of your dreams! Positioning IS THE GAME. If you aren’t strategically positioned, you won’t get RESULTS.


My biggest tip is to be “Discoverable” and also ambitious- hungry, teachable, committed. You have to be positioning well to do well. That means a lot more than entering contests it means making friends, growing your wolf pack, and getting out there in the world to some events where you can find your partners in believing!


Tenacious: characterized by extreme persistence: relentless and enduring. (That’s you.)


In the video above I review these imperative industry tools and how to use them:


  • Twitter
  • Coverfly
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube (directors! It’s the 2nd most popular search platform after Google)
  • Your Website
  • Podcasts (why you want one)
  • IMDB Pro


If you can afford a publicist, a great one can dramatically increase your visibility and positioning- even if you’re new. They have unparalleled access.


Action steps:

You need a career strategy, and accountability- a partner, a coach, a mastermind group.


Where to put your energy:

  • Writers: Finish your portfolio RIGHT NOW- final push through end of year- finish your reel, or an shorts you can prep for next year’s film festival circuit.
  • Directors, make sure your work is on Youtube!
  • Make your list of reps
  • If you’re repped, get a 2022 strategy mtg with your reps so you nail your positioning
  • Send out your holiday cards and gifts
  • Keep shouting out your accomplishments- but not just to your friends and family- to other writers and to the public on your social media and in groups like this one- because your collaborators are out there and they need to hear about your awesomeness
  • Then get OTHERS to shout out your accomplishments- that matters a lot. It will help your career.


If you’re a creative and you don’t know how the business side of the entertainment industry works… your career will suffer- you can get taken advantage of, and you’ll probably leave money on the table.




The Entertainment Business School is the only place to get personalized career training specific to the entertainment business at the pro level.


Apply Now for the 12-Week LIVE Entertainment Business School with Kaia Alexander.


The entertainment business is opaque. It’s not welcoming to outsiders, and unless you land a position inside it, finding out how it works is difficult. Even on the inside, certain people know information is power, and they control who gets it (and who doesn’t). Publicists sit perched on the transom between the press and the big picture, and anyone not at the level of superstardom is left wondering how to make it all come together.


We each have a corner of the map illuminated. This program is designed to give you a complete map.


There is no MBA program that focuses on entertainment. No other online course lie this one. Right now, even with an MFA, many creatives are left in the cold about how the business side works.


I’m here to help you fill in those gaps! And we can do it together in 12 weeks- with you and your group of colleagues in this cohort.


You’ll Learn:

  • If and when you need to create your own production company
  • How studios and streamers make buying decisions
  • How to brand yourself
  • How to pitch to buyers and reps
  • How to network like a pro
  • The ins and outs of how to build your audience and fan base
  • The intricacies of creating deal flow
  • How film distribution works and how it’s changing rapidly
  • The way the pandemic has changed the industry
  • How to negotiate like a pro and not leave money on the table
  • The imperatives of managing your reputation well
  • Conflict resolution
  • How to get a mentor
  • How to find out if someone you’re working with has a personality disorder
  • Film financing and budgets
  • What I.P. is and how to go about optioning and creating it
  • The roles of managers, agents, entertainment attorneys, publicists, producers, and development execs
  • How to find partners


EBS is by application only. (You can apply by clicking this link.) Then you’ll fill out a short questionnaire. I’ll personally review your answers, and then we’ll hop on a 15min. Zoom chat to explore if this program is a fit for you.


As of right now there are only 9 spots left right now and the morning class is full!



If you enroll now for Winter 2022– including students who have already enrolled- I’m teaching a special, student only workshop that is a special BONUS to you this month on December 19th on VISIONING and PLANNING for SUCCESS in 2022. It will be really packed with inspiration, action steps and outlining your optimum career path. This high-value workshop is complimentary for students of EBS.


DOORS CLOSE DECEMBER 22nd– that’s NEXT TUESDAY. YOU ONLY HAVE 5 days left to apply!


Go to www.EntertainmentBusinessSchool.com to see more


Thank you!

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