Garry Shandling

Kaia is a genius. ~ Garry Shandling, comedian

About The Workshop:

Want to learn how to pitch from a former development exec? Get the edge and learn Kaia’s proven pitch technique that she designed from the hundreds of pitches she sat through as a buyer. Yes, there is a wrong way to pitch, and you want to avoid those mistakes. The stealth pitch technique means you can pitch your work and your career to anyone at any level of the industry- even if all you have is 1min. You’ll learn to connect, translate why someone should listen to you, convey your vision and your story, tap your passion for a great pitch session, and make sure you have an “ask” so you always have a next step in both general and pitch meetings.

10am-11:30am: Stealth Pitch Lesson with Slides then Q&A

11:30-12:30 Break for Lunch

12:30-2pm Practice Pitch! Kaia will give feedback to students who want to practice their pitches.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Kaia’s proven “stealth pitch” technique that means you never feel like you’re “selling” again
  • How to connect before you pitch to create a lasting impression and new relationship
  • How to tap your passion, so that you bring undeniable energy to the moment
  • What elements of your pitch need to be there, even if you only have one minute in a hallway with a producer or buyer
  • Why you need an “ask” at the end of your pitch
  • What kinds of asks you can – or shouldn’t – make
  • What makes you memorable, and stand out from every other pitch the buyer hears
  • Why the stealth pitch sells both your work and you, effortlessly

Normally this session is exclusively taught in the Entertainment Business School, and we might never offer it again to the public, so this is your chance to both learn this highly effective pitch technique, and use it in a pitch practice session in one workshop!

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Special for May 19th
Only $97!

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Kaia Alexander

About Kaia Alexander

Kaia is the CEO/founder of the Entertainment Business School, and host of the Hollywood Wolfpack podcast. She was a development executive on many feature films including JUST FRIENDS (with Ryan Reynolds), PEACEFUL WARRIOR (with Nick Nolte), THE GOOD NIGHT (Gwyneth Paltrow & Penelope Cruz), and HACHI: A DOG’S TALE (with Richard Gere). She was mentored by comedian Garry Shandling. A lifelong history nerd, she’s an award-winning novelist for her book about the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, Written in the Ashes (Harper Collins). As a writer/producer brand is badass, adventurous women. She’s a passionate advocate for New Hollywood diversity, parity and inclusion. If you ever corner her at a party, be sure to ask her about her passion for surfing and dogs. She’s proud to be the BQ in LGBTQ.