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How to Build Relationships in Hollywood – the Right Way (video 3 of 3)

How to Build Relationships in Hollywood – The Right Way

(Video 3 of 3)


If you think I’m implying there’s a wrong way to go about trying to build relationships, you’re correct. In fact, the #1 mistake I see above-the-line creatives make is in this category. And it kills deals, ruins opportunities and alienates potential team. As an above-the-line creative, craft is half of your job. The other half is building relationships.

Hollywood is a team sport – if you thrive, it’s because you play well with others.

Especially if your goal is to become a showrunner, today’s video is gold.

You’ve got to learn how to make friends, and how to play the long game. I review a few major professional relationship mistakes to avoid in this video. Be sure to watch all the way to the end!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful questions you’ve sent in – I answer a few more in this video.

Tomorrow the doors open for the Entertainment Business School. I hope from this video series you’ve learned how imperative it is to button up your knowledge of the business in addition to your craft. Its something you can learn, and it’s fun! Plus it lends you immense credibility and confidence – 2 things that your career and reputation – are built on.

Please leave me a comment below, and I look forward to seeing you crush your career as you reach for the stars.

-Kaia Alexander

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  • December 14, 2022

    All great insights, thank you for sharing, Kaia! I never ant to hear about “you don’t know about the business” and know your course would be a game changer!


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