About The Workshop:

Everyone knows that any good film starts with the script, but no movie gets made without money. Understanding how to construct your film for the most optimal budget is crucial to getting ahead in the industry. This workshop will give a comprehensive look at understanding a budget sheet, managing a complicated budget, how to financially analyze a script, and ultimately maximizing your funds to get the best return on investment. We will also discuss hidden aspects of film finance that often get overlooked. All of this to help you better communicate with your team, investors and give your film the very best chance of being funded.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to create an easy to use budget sheet
  • How to write for a sensible budget
  • How to estimate your movie’s budget
  • Maximizing your budget for production and profit
  • How to use your budget to negotiate and secure funding
  • Pitfalls and hidden expenses of a typical budget
  • Navigating financial terms and methods
  • Understanding film commissions and tax rebates for movies

Participants who sign-up for the workshop before March 20th will receive $100 off Matthew Robinson’s silver or gold line producing packages. These packages include preliminary budgets, budget assessments, cast/crew recommendations, location scouting, contract templates and more!

Saturday March 23rd
Virtual and Accessible on Zoom
Price: $47

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Matthew Robinson

About Matthew Robinson

Matthew S. Robinson is an award-winning filmmaker and playwright. With over a decade of film & theatre budgeting experience. He has managed to turn true profits with many of his projects and use his budget presentations to get his and others’ movies fully funded. Able to create and manage budgets for films ranging from the $5,000 to $10 million range. Recent works include: “A Killer High School Reunion”, “Dog Daze”, “Bloody, Bloody Coda” & “The Beach.” You can follow him on Instagram/TwitterX @robinsonishyde and visit his website www.matthewsrobinson.com