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Entertainment Business Market Analysis Report for Above the Line Creatives: July 2022

Entertainment Business Market Analysis Report for Above the Line Creatives: July 2022

The entertainment business is volatile right now. Here is the imperative intel you need to know as an above-the-line creative in the seller seat as you take out your projects to buyers right now. I include case studies and important relevant statistics across platforms so you understand strategically what you need to do right now to position yourself intelligently and get the advantage over the competition. Watch the full video for the report and analysis, and remember to share this blog post with any of your friends and colleagues who will benefit from this information.

As the founder of the Entertainment Business League and Entertainment Business School, I’m cross-referencing this data across multiple sources of market analysis, the trades, and insider intel including my industry colleagues and podcast guests on the Entertainment Business Wisdom podcast. I also include my own speculation on the market, and what could happen in coming months given inflation and what the market is doing right now.

The next session of the Entertainment Business School starts August 1st. This is the optimal time for you to consider learning more about the business side of the entertainment industry- because it just got a lot more competitive in the current market. If you’re not improving your skillset right now, you need to be. You need to be bolstering your business acumen so that you come in on the right note with your projects as you get in front of buyers, and take strategy meetings with your reps. You want to think like a buyer- and that takes training. Now is the perfect moment to sign up for this 12 week deep dive with me in the Entertainment Business School. Apply now as spaces are limited, and we only take serious candidates!

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I cannot recommend this class enough! I’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years but changed my focus to become a TV writer and was feeling so lost. I have all this material but no idea what to do next or what to do with it. Kaia’s fantastic classes opened me up to all new avenues to pursue and the hot seat days where we worked one-on-one with her, completely broke my block. I feel like I have tangible, actionable steps I can take to move forward. Now I’m talking with managers, showrunners and even met a publicist in the class. And the connections with my classmates are invaluable!
Jon Enge

I’ve invested a lot of time and money into growing my career and by far, the Entertainment Business School has been the most beneficial. Kaia’s course goes beyond ‘teaching’ – it’s transformative. For anyone looking to demystify this business, then this is the program for you. And for those creatives who break out in hives at the mere thought of contracts, negotiating, financing, you name it, this program is essential. It gives you the language, the tools and most importantly, the power to take control of your career.

Amanda Smith



I am beyond grateful for Kaia Alexander’s Entertainment Business School. I was at a point in my life where I truly needed answers to the business side of writing and filmmaking, and even though I was talking with plenty of ‘film school’ friends,  the real in- depth business side of the industry wasn’t covered in their education. I found that to be true as an actor, also. We had wonderful artistic training, but the business side – which will be the rest of your life if you actually want to work in the industry, is barely addressed. The film industry is so different than any traditional field, that unless you get some kind of orientation to it, and do find a supportive tribe, it’s daunting  to navigate, to say the least. At EBS, Kaia has brilliantly addressed and figured out both sides – she gives you the essential nuts and bolts week by week of how to brand, market, communicate, and promote yourself, as well as strongly setting up a framework for you to bond with your fellow attendees and leave with a solid group of raving fans in your network. I am truly stunned at the amount of content we were given, the access to her for support and questions, and the added bonus of packing us with guest expert speakers from the industry. It was incredibly affordable, and I feel like I got a mini MBA in the entertainment industry! I don’t think you will find a more sincere and giving instructor, Kaia truly wants us all to win!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Forever grateful for this breakthrough chapter in my life!

Sheri Winkleman


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